Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Making Cards

Valentines put me in the mood for a little card making. Excuse the watermark in all the photos. I thought it was a good idea to start doing one, but I'm still struggling with placement so that it doesn't obscure, but still prevents a swipe! 

This one is collaged and stamped with a bit of metal added for fun. The photo I found at an antique store in Missouri, and I'm afraid I scanned it and use the image a lot, because I just love it!
Must have a pretty envelope to go with it! I finally used that washi tape!
More tape I had sitting around and finally used! Back to the old scissor and glue for this one. 
This one is a digital image, although the plane did begin with a collage piece I scanned in. 
Boy cards are hard, but my son liked this one. Again, digital with a "real" collage I did scanned in for the background on the skater. 

Can you tell I was having fun with my Adobe software?  One more time, my original collage, but manipulated digitally. This one looked especially cute printed out with a bit of ink distressing. 


  1. Lovely lovely lovely! Gorgeous cards, Sabrina. I know just what you mean about finally using the washi tape - I treat it like it's a precious metal and struggle to justify using it. But that is what it's for - USING! Haha!

    I will have to pick your brain sometime about this watermarking thing.....


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