Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Eve

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So it's Halloween Eve and I'm getting ready. Well really I'm playing on my computer, but I swear I'll start my menu planning any minute now. We are having our annual open house, for friends to come by and to have a home base for our trick or treaters. It's always ver low-key but I guess I do need to feed my guests so I'll have to hunker down here soon.

First, I had to respond to some comments on my Friday post where I mentioned taking "the small plane". OK, I don't know why I worded it in such a way, but no, there is no "large" plane. My husband is a pilot, which is not so odd in these parts. In fact, my father in law, grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt are/were all pilots too. The "small" plane is owned by a group of 4 families, making it quite like owning a boat for a nautical family. Not to say it's not awesome, because it is, and I'm very proud of my husband's aero skill set. But there you go, explanation complete.

Speaking of air travel . . . look what arrived via airmail from Jo (aka Fiddlesnips) in the UK!! We did a 1:1 swap for halloween and I'm so glad we did. I am smitten with both the card and the envelope she made. Cool huh? The texture is really incredible and I love the mood and theme she came up with! Thanks Jo!!

I like to this of this as "Jo's Poe" The tormented soul. 

Last weekend I had to come up with a little carnival game for our school Harvest Festival, so here's what came out of that. A borrowed clothes rack, Ikea storage, shower curtain liners, and some dollar store decor set the scene. I made some ping pong launchers I found HERE, and the idea was to shoot "eyeballs" into the openings. I think our school will be finding "eyeballs" on the playground for days to come!

Another mail delivery came for Kimberly at Art Joy Stuff. I participated in a Halloween tag swap and here are 3 of the goodies I received. 

Karla Jackson - front

Karla Jackson - back

Monica at www.artrocksblog.blogspot.com

This is from Lulu Liz in LaLa Land
I'll share the rest of the swappage loot tomorrow. Here is my latest addition copied inspired by Michelle at Sweet Something Design who came up with this clever chalkboard scene. See Michelle's original HERE

Thanks Michelle for inspiring!!
It has just occurred to me, we never carved jack-o-lanterns this year. Maybe the kids won't remember either! Hope all your spooky prep work is going off magically!

- Sabrina 

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  1. Lots of lovelies to ooh and aah at today (or given the theme, should that be aaaarrrrggghhhh!!). I'm so glad Edgar (I rather like Jo's Poe!) made it safely. I think the bat on the envelope must have been turbo charge - I'm still waiting for yours to arrive, I'll let you know as soon as it does.

    Your halloween party looks such fun, I so wish I could be dropping by and joining in with the spookiness. I LOVE the eye ball game, hahahaha!!

    I'm still amazed that your hubby can fly you about - that's so cool!!