Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Little Spooky Decor

Just trying to sprinkle a bit of Halloween spirit throughout the house before our little neighborhood gather on the 31st.

Love marigolds for Day of the Dead.

I finally made some poison bottles this year. 

I had a lot of fun distressing things, especially since it kept me from having to do my chores. 

There's a Cinderella pumpkin the middle now, no more blank spot. 

Another quick project I finally got around to. Printing onto book pages. 

No one in my house seems to appreciate these pharmacy pillows, but they make me smile. 

Yes, this house is often an "Insane Asylum"

Soldered this image I did in PS Elements a while ago. Not all ornaments need to be for Christmas, right? 

Cannot over-recommend Anatomy of a Murder. Both the book AND the movie are excellent. Jimmy Stewart plays the lawyer in the film, and you just can't beat his acting. A very young Lee Remick is also great as a minxy femme fatale.

Bramble Paw, is not impressed with the decor. 

This is his favorite spot, between the back of the sofa and the top of the cushion. He is supposed to be on top of that throw you seen strewn behind him. He manages to work around it. 
That's all for today. Lot's of things to share next time from my new swappage!



  1. Wow! Sabrina, I love all your Halloween decorations! The printed book pages look so great in those frames and the ornament is really cute too!

  2. Oh I LOVE IT!!!!! What fun, I love everything you've done. I don't think we're going to do anything very Halloween-y this year, although I will get a few bits 'n' pieces out just because I can. We're going to to cinema on Wednesday night (to see the new James Bond film) so I hope the house etc doesn't get egged as punishment for not being there with threats!

    Bramble Paw is so GORGEOUS!!! I love how he's ruining your sofa with that look of superiority on his face :)