Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Girl Growing Room Redo

My little girl has always been very creative, and definitely someone who knows what she wants. Recently, one of the things she wanted, was to have her room repainted.
Almost a Before shot, I had already pulled the trigger.

Originally her room as a nursery was a pale apple green with the palest baby pink. She didn't have any choice with that first go around. I wish I could find pictures because after I forced my husband to help me put up crown moulding, baseboards and a chair rail, I painstakingly hand painted 4 inch wide stripes in the area under the chair rail. At the same time I painted a large circle on the ceiling with an attempt at trompe l'oeil to create an image of the sky. It did look rather sky-like, but lacked the authenticity to really pull it off. Three years ago we remodeled most of our house, and while the painters were going through anyway, I let the kids pick their paint colors this time. My then seven year old daughter, picked a purple and a very committed pink called something like Dog Ear Pink. We left the trompe l'oeil wannabe ceiling and called it a day. It was very cotton candy looking, but she loved it at the time.
Colors are off, but you can see the sky image on the ceiling
Starting about a year ago, she tired of the colors and tried to convince me to go for orange. We even bought some and sampled it in one corner of the room. It got waylaid as I got busy, and tastes changed yet again. This time it was Turquoise and Green she wanted. She found a swatch at OSH and started her campaign months ago. In a moment of weakness, or distraction when she asked me for the 100th time when she could paint her room, I apparently muttered, "not until Summer". In her 10 year old mind, I had committed and there was no going back. I may as well have sworn on a stack of Bibles, that by Kingdom Come I will be done —before the start of school. So on the To-Do list it went. Last week, I decided to tackle it and get it off my list because if that girl asked me one more time about it, I was going to come out of my skin!!! So here's what we did.

Trompe L'oeil sky exchange for all-white ceiling

It's already improving with the crisp white paint
The color looks very bright. It was!! I was scared when I started. But wall by wall, it started looking really great. The aqua green looked very cool and kinda Key West with the white contrasting nicely and giving everything a crisp look. We had definitely moved from little girl room, into a tweener pad!!

Pratt and Lambert paint from OSH color: Tide Pools
 The light in the room is making it very difficult for me to capture the true look of the space, but trust me it's fabulous! How could I have ever doubted her?? We did a few things to spruce up her accessories but I'll go into that on the next post. The only problem is, now her brothers want to do something with their room. Does it ever end???

Totally new look and feel already!

I liked the simple white ceiling again. It really opened up the room.

The shoe pockets on the door fit perfectly!!
She sewed that monogram pillow herself!

Lime green was limited to a few pieces in the room. More on that later.

Check out House of Turquoise for this and more incredible rooms.

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  1. Wow! What a change. Pony Girl has been at me to paint her room as well, I've told her we have to wait until she's 6. I'm not sure why I chose that as the time line but hey.
    I love the aqua color but I think I would have freaked out at first too. I also love her iron bed, I've been looking for one on CL for a while now but, haven't found what I'm after.

    Can't wait to see more!

  2. What a gutsy colour--and it's fabulous! Funny, my girl is in a pink and purple phase too. She just turned 10--you're giving me hope shre just may grow out of it!

  3. The color is GREAT! What a fabulous redo and the kiddos' input is so good. My two are both into their "re-dos", too. One step at a time! Your pics look like they belong in a magazine spread. Super job!

  4. The new color is full of life. Isn't it nice that she was ready for a change?