Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Making Cards

Valentines put me in the mood for a little card making. Excuse the watermark in all the photos. I thought it was a good idea to start doing one, but I'm still struggling with placement so that it doesn't obscure, but still prevents a swipe! 

This one is collaged and stamped with a bit of metal added for fun. The photo I found at an antique store in Missouri, and I'm afraid I scanned it and use the image a lot, because I just love it!
Must have a pretty envelope to go with it! I finally used that washi tape!
More tape I had sitting around and finally used! Back to the old scissor and glue for this one. 
This one is a digital image, although the plane did begin with a collage piece I scanned in. 
Boy cards are hard, but my son liked this one. Again, digital with a "real" collage I did scanned in for the background on the skater. 

Can you tell I was having fun with my Adobe software?  One more time, my original collage, but manipulated digitally. This one looked especially cute printed out with a bit of ink distressing. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Eve

My digital design.
So it's Halloween Eve and I'm getting ready. Well really I'm playing on my computer, but I swear I'll start my menu planning any minute now. We are having our annual open house, for friends to come by and to have a home base for our trick or treaters. It's always ver low-key but I guess I do need to feed my guests so I'll have to hunker down here soon.

First, I had to respond to some comments on my Friday post where I mentioned taking "the small plane". OK, I don't know why I worded it in such a way, but no, there is no "large" plane. My husband is a pilot, which is not so odd in these parts. In fact, my father in law, grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt are/were all pilots too. The "small" plane is owned by a group of 4 families, making it quite like owning a boat for a nautical family. Not to say it's not awesome, because it is, and I'm very proud of my husband's aero skill set. But there you go, explanation complete.

Speaking of air travel . . . look what arrived via airmail from Jo (aka Fiddlesnips) in the UK!! We did a 1:1 swap for halloween and I'm so glad we did. I am smitten with both the card and the envelope she made. Cool huh? The texture is really incredible and I love the mood and theme she came up with! Thanks Jo!!

I like to this of this as "Jo's Poe" The tormented soul. 

Last weekend I had to come up with a little carnival game for our school Harvest Festival, so here's what came out of that. A borrowed clothes rack, Ikea storage, shower curtain liners, and some dollar store decor set the scene. I made some ping pong launchers I found HERE, and the idea was to shoot "eyeballs" into the openings. I think our school will be finding "eyeballs" on the playground for days to come!

Another mail delivery came for Kimberly at Art Joy Stuff. I participated in a Halloween tag swap and here are 3 of the goodies I received. 

Karla Jackson - front

Karla Jackson - back

Monica at

This is from Lulu Liz in LaLa Land
I'll share the rest of the swappage loot tomorrow. Here is my latest addition copied inspired by Michelle at Sweet Something Design who came up with this clever chalkboard scene. See Michelle's original HERE

Thanks Michelle for inspiring!!
It has just occurred to me, we never carved jack-o-lanterns this year. Maybe the kids won't remember either! Hope all your spooky prep work is going off magically!

- Sabrina 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Little Spooky Decor

Just trying to sprinkle a bit of Halloween spirit throughout the house before our little neighborhood gather on the 31st.

Love marigolds for Day of the Dead.

I finally made some poison bottles this year. 

I had a lot of fun distressing things, especially since it kept me from having to do my chores. 

There's a Cinderella pumpkin the middle now, no more blank spot. 

Another quick project I finally got around to. Printing onto book pages. 

No one in my house seems to appreciate these pharmacy pillows, but they make me smile. 

Yes, this house is often an "Insane Asylum"

Soldered this image I did in PS Elements a while ago. Not all ornaments need to be for Christmas, right? 

Cannot over-recommend Anatomy of a Murder. Both the book AND the movie are excellent. Jimmy Stewart plays the lawyer in the film, and you just can't beat his acting. A very young Lee Remick is also great as a minxy femme fatale.

Bramble Paw, is not impressed with the decor. 

This is his favorite spot, between the back of the sofa and the top of the cushion. He is supposed to be on top of that throw you seen strewn behind him. He manages to work around it. 
That's all for today. Lot's of things to share next time from my new swappage!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Rocking My World Friday, 10-26

I am determined to get a post out today, even if it's bare bones! I'm very light on images as my camera has not been working well, and it's making me lazy in taking pics. I may throw in some random shots to dress things up along the way.

I've been MIA for something like ... 4 weeks. Lot's to cover.

OK, 4 weeks ago, my husband swooped me away for a blissful 36 get-away to Sonoma for our 18th wedding anniversary. For those who don't know, Sonoma is right by Napa in the heart of wine country. I prefer to stay on the skirts of Napa these days, as it's really commercial, crowded and overpriced compared to it's equally beautiful neighbors. We stayed at the same hotel my girlfriend and I escaped to earlier in the summer. Hubby flew the small plane up there, which I hadn't been in for quite a while. The weather could not have been more spectacular and the beginning Fall in this part of California is gorgeous.

(Video tour of hotel & Sonoma.  This is a video promoting the hotel however, if you are procrastinating doing work right now, it's a nice little 5 minutes spent because it shows a bit of Sonoma and wine country too. )

After arriving we took a short walk into town and discovered they were having a wine tasting and art festival in the town plaza. The town has a traditional Spanish plaza surrounded by many historic buildings and is a great site in itself. Insert pilfered photos here:

Sonoma plaze - Source:

Beautiful trees in Sonoma plaza. Source:

City Hall in the plaza's center.

Scene from Bottle Shock filmed in Sonoma. If you don't know this movie, check it out. If you have any interest in history or wine you'll like it and if you like Alan Rickman you will love it! Trailer: Bottle Shock trailer
So now that you have some visual references, the rest of the trip was spent very leisurely tasting wines, eating, walking and shopping, eating, having a massage, sipping wine, eating, and more eating. The days were sunny, and the evening was warm and clear with lots of stars. Perfect.

Now when we returned home, I had to do a quick turn because there was more fun coming my way. Months ago (before the anniversary plans came together) I had bought tickets for my girlfriends and I to go to the Mountain Winery for an evening concert. Being that we are of a certain age, we were all teens in the 80's. There's something about the music you listened to in high school that always stays with you. So the venue was the Psychedelic Furs opening for the GoGo's. Warm weather for an outdoor venue in October was fantastic, and add in a beautiful, huge harvest moon and the night was magical!

The following weekend we had a walk to benefit JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Our family has a team called Trevor's Titans, in honor of my youngest with Type-1 diabetes. Some of his friends and our friends came out and supported us, along with lots of great people who donated so that our team was able to raise $3500!!

Trevor is the boy in black shorts standing with Sharkie - the mascot for our local hockey team. My daughter is in the black hat with my oldest (shaggy) son right behind her. I'm hiding in the back. Can you tell I don't like being in photos?

Last week was a bit of a tough one. Trevor went off for 4 days to a camp with his school class. Having diabetes, he has not gone off without me except for a day or two with a friend, and even then he is usually in constant phone contact with me to figure our blood sugar numbers and insulin doses. We had good planning for this trip, but despite our best efforts his numbers were all over the place and he was not feeling well. I had many conversations each day with the health aide on staff as we tried to see him through. Several times he asked to come home, and I turned him away (harsh). I think it's so important he saw this trip through and got to do all the things his classmates did. I get to pick him up in an hour, so let's hope my mothering instincts were correct and I'm not going to regret the tough-love route I took.

Well that was more of a re-cap and not truly a gratitude tribute, but I'm going to let myself off the hook this go-around, just happy to get something out there this week. I actually started this post last Friday, if you can believe it, and have been distracted with various tasks since then.

I hope everyone else has been having good weeks and I'm in desperate need to catch up on all the goings on. I keep seeing Carmen's happy icon in Pinterest and can't wait to see how she's faring. Lot's of love to all you Rockers and Happy Friday!